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Free Shareable Content #3 – Beautiful Residential Dreams

Don’t we all love beautiful homes?

Seeing beautiful homes inspire us. They either give us wonderful ideas on how to recreate our own home into a luxurious and spacious residence, or they help us simply make the most of what we have.

They also inspire us to achieve something greater in our lives. A status that almost seems unattainable at the moment. Can we really be able to live in a home like THAT one day? Will we ever be able to afford such comfort?

These aspirations make most people work harder and harder to achieve the next big promotion, or pay raise. Always working for more.

This type of aspiration can be a good thing. It’s woven into the fabric of our “American Spirit”. It’s the American Dream. It’s the cute farm house, with the white picket fence and bright red front door. It’s the super expensive flat in a New York City skyscraper. It’s the dreamy ocean front house, where you can open your back windows and sliding door to the sound of the water crashing onto the beach, and the cool breeze calmly blowing through your house.

The American Dream is Relative

The “American Dream” may look a little different to everyone, but we all have one thing in common. We all want to have a place that we can call home.

That’s why we have assembled some of the most beautiful photos of homes and residences that we could find. We want to inspire you. We want to help you believe that you can achieve your dreams.

In this great country, you have the opportunity to make a place that you can call home. A place where you can get old and live free.

Before we get to our personal list, I wanted to just show you this amazing video showcasing “50 Most Beautiful Houses in the World”. I think this will help set the tone for our internal list:

Video Credit: Born For Entrepreneurs

1. The Luxury Pool House

Pool House
Photo Credit: Pexels

The first absolutely AWESOME house that we found was this amazingly luxurious pool house. Can you guess where this one is located? A small town in Kansas. Can you believe that???

This house has everything a pool lover could possibly want. A modern pool right outside the house. With walls covered in glass to show the off the pool reflecting in the enchanting prairie sunset. Being located on the great plains, you would definitely want a pool for the hot and muggy summers.

2. The Spacious Suburban House

Fontana Suburban House
Photo Credit: Pexels /

Some may consider this house to be on the modest side compared to the first Luxury Pool House. But the beauty is in the details.

Each person has their ‘ideal house’. And this house is perfect for the growing family. Perhaps the mom and/or dad work in the city, but want to have their own space where their family can grow and play in larger, more affordable housing.

Meet the Spacious Suburban House.

This house as a FOUR car garage. Not that the typical owner of this car actually has four cars in need of parking space. But rather this extra garage space gives the homeowner a chance to park both vehicles in the garage, and still have room for a family rec room, man cave, etc.

With a large front and back yard, there is plenty of room for the kids to get outside and run around (do kids even do that anymore? Or do they just sit inside and play video games?)

Can you guess where this house is located? Think greater Los Angeles…

This house is in the city of Fontana, about 60 miles east of LA. Fontana is a city with over 200,000 population, nestled in between Rancho Cucamonga and Rialto, in the heart of the Inland Empire. Fontana is well known for its affordable housing in the expensive LA housing market. While being safe for kids to live, and close enough to the big cities in LA and Orange County to bring high employment.

You may be asking, how is a random house in the random city of Fontana in the dream house list?

As I mentioned earlier, the beauty is in the details. Here’s what I mean-

This particular house has FOUR bathrooms. Can you imagine the amount of specs needed for a house like this? Four toilets, four showers, four bathtubs. And with that many bathrooms, all the more opportunity for things to break. Toilets to leak, faucets needed replacing. This isn’t even considering all the hot water that’s needed here. Large hot water heaters, or even tankless water heaters, are a must in a home like this.

This is what makes a home like this so amazing. All the intricacies and textures of what make a house a home. From the woodwork, to the electrical, to cabinetry, flooring, and plumbing. It’s what makes your house stay in working order.

Editor’s Note: If you live in a house like this in the Fontana area, and you happen to need a plumber for these very issues that I’m discussing above, please feel free to reach out to for some help. They gave me permission to use this house photo in my article, so I just wanted to give them a little shout out! 😉

3. The Mountain House

Mountain House
Photo Credit: Pexels

How cool is this house???

I don’t care who you are, or what type of environment you wish to live in. This. Is. Cool.

A mansion backed up all the way against the mountain, and built with the same color stones to appear a part of the mountain.

How incredible.

The Dream Home Takeaway

Every single person has a different idea of what the American “Dream Home” may be. And that’s okay! Everyone has different needs. Different aspirations. Our hope is though that each of you ARE aspiring. Aspiring for more. Aspiring to make the world a better place. And with hard work and determination, your success can be achieved.

In Conclusion

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed our brief list of “dream homes”. is committed to bringing the world great content. Content that can be freely and rapidly shared and downloaded. So feel free to use this info and these images as you wish. And remember. Keep sharing!